How to wear the flared trousers?

Hi there!

The 70´s are back! One overarching trend that’s visible throughout many of the spring and summer lines is the flared trousers. We love them, but sometimes it can be hard to match them. That´s why we´ll be giving you some examples and ideas of how you could wear them.

First of all, always wear flared with a heel. It gives the illusion you have longer legs and that is what most women dream of, to have long, lean and sexy legs.

Outfit flared trousers 4



Another item you´ll see a lot this summer is the bodysuit. Bodysuits are really comfortable and gives you a flattering silhouette. So it makes the outfit look really classy, when you wear this with a flared trousers. Lace up in the front makes it a little bit more sexy, so perfect for a party.

Outfit flared trousers 5


If you want to go bohemian style and more daring, you could choose to wear a crop top. You wouldn´t be showing too much skin, because your flared trousers cover your legs. And with only showing a bit of your belly, you keep your outfit sexy. And if you don´t want to show off too much belly, you should choose for a high raised flared trousers with a crop top.

Outfit flared trousers 2It´s always hard to match a printed flared trousers. The best way, is to wear a plain top. Don´t use too much prints, it could ruin your outfit. So choose one colour from the print, or the colour that predominates the most, and pick your top in that colour.

Outfit flared trousers 3


Hope you liked it!


Lily~Rose and Kiki~Jane



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