Swimwear trends Summer 2016

Summer is almost here!

Wondering what the swimwear trends of Summer 2016 are? Keep on reading 😉

1. One Piece swimsuits

Single piece swimsuits can come in all shapes and sizes and one of the biggest sub-trends to it was the cutout. You saw it in bondage and retro styles. Cutouts on the side of single piece halter suits with psychedelic designs are also quite amazing.



2. High Waist bikini bottom

One of the summer 2016 swimwear trends that is common enough is the high waist on the bikini bottoms that we see coming out onto stage both in Miami and São Paolo. We love the high waist bikini and it is our favorite swimwear trend from this year.



3. Lovely Crochet swimsuits

Last summer’s favorite swimsuit style flawlessly makes its way through the new year giving us an amazing chance to channel our inner boho babe while on the beach. Crochet swimwear looks fun, unique and the new beach season brings absolutely fabulous, colorful designs we can’t wait to get our hands on.



4. High Neck crop top bikini

You may have already noticed the current trend for high neck bikinis and swimsuits featuring heavily in the 2016 swim collections – and although it may seem like be a high-fashion look, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off. The high neck gives a really flattering shape on the shoulders and the style offers great support and coverage even for larger chest sizes.



5. Swimsuits with Pretty Ruffles

It is another trend that may not be as big this year but still a continuation of the 2015 swimwear trends. The ruffles look great on the dresses and the regular garments, but they look even more adorable on the swimwear that is brought forth onto the Fashion Weeks.



6. Lace up bathingsuits

When you are shopping, you will find a bunch of laced up bikinis for summer 2016 on the market. Lacing across the chest looks incredible with cutouts on the sides giving the one piece an even sexier attraction. Lacing across the plunge on the bathingsuit on the right makes the bikini more daring and sexy, without showing too much.



7. Triangl swimsuits

Last year, Triangl saw its gorgeous styles with the black piping on aqua and pale colored tops and panties. This time around, the summer season will be seeing some lovely new styles. We are looking at blue and pink floral patterns on a light yellow background matched with a strapless white tubing detailed top, a zip across the center; we are looking at triangle bikini tops in white, hibiscus bikini bottoms with a blue background, bright colors with pale pink and yellow sidings, colorful combinations to everything that we see.



8. Bathingsuits with Cutouts

This was quite possibly one of the main summer 2016 swimsuit trends on the runways. Body parts were bared through strategically placed slashes and holes, the cutouts featuring more skin than normal while still providing ample support, for the most part.



9. Swimsuits in Retro Design

It was popular in the past few seasons and it is popular now. We find that the retro looks never really leave the runway actually and they are perpetually always in style, one way or another. Now, we find that the retro includes a lot of brighter colors, sheer inserts and a rather coquette style.



10. Fringed swimwear

Whether the fringe is on your clothing, accessories or swimwear, it matters not. The 1970s fashion trend might not be around as strongly as during the 2015 seasons but it is still around and it is most certainly still trendy.


Tell us what your favourite swimwear trend is of this year!


Lily~Rose and Kiki~Jane

(You can find similarly swimsuits on, except the ones from Triangl)


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