Your Crush is Taken…What Now?

Hi There!

I think we all at least experienced it once, your crush already has a girlfriend. You never want to break up a relationship, but what can you do when your crush is already taken? I have been in that situation a couple of times before and these are the things I always keep in mind.

1. Respect That He is with Someone

Having a crush on someone can bring on a ton of strong feelings, but girls, how would you like it if someone had a crush on your boyfriend and was acting on it? You have got to respect that he is with someone in order to move forward. If it doesn’t work out? He is free game, but until then, you will have to just respect that they are together.

2. Listen to see if Things do not work out

If you do go the friend route with your crush, it could actually work in your favour.  It will give you a chance to see if things do not work out with his girlfriend. Of course, I am not encouraging you to break them up, but one of the ways to deal with your crush having a girlfriend is to keep your eyes and ears peeled for opportunities that you could be Ms. Right for him.

3. Try to Move on to Someone else

If it seems like your crush’s relationship is going strong and there is no chance for you, it might be time to move on and the best way to do that is to throw yourself into something new. By that, I mean try to free yourself for another crush and I don’t mean forcefully find someone to like, but be open to someone new and let go of your old crush.

4. Focus on Yourself

He is not available at the moment, so rather than spending all your waking hours hanging out with him (when he is not with his girlfriend), social media stalking him, or dreaming about him, focus on doing things that will make you feel good. Exercise. Give time to your friends. Finally take up that hobby you have been talking about. Plan a big trip. Make sure you focus on yourself first.

5. Do not compare Yourself to his Girlfriend

Maybe she is terrible. Maybe she is gorgeous. It doesn’t matter. You are looking for someone who loves you for who you are. If he’s with someone who’s terrible it shows he has some issues. If he’s with someone great, then know that there will be someone who finds you great. Love is not about all those people who won’t fall in love with us. Love is about that one person who will. Your best chance of finding that person is living a fulfilled life where you enjoy yourself and find the beauty in being you. Some people spend their entire life thinking about getting rid of their wrinkles, when they could just be laughing. Focus on what it is you love and forget the rest.


What do you do when your crush is already taken?


Lily~Rose and Kiki~Jane



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