What we love about vintage


”I always felt like I was meant to have been born in another era, another time”


Hello Loves,

As you might have noticed we love vintage things. We’re both inspired by everything that’s from the old days and think that it is so much cooler than everything in the modern days. There are so many things we love about vintage, think about the fashion, photography, music, habits and art. It seems to us that everything was much more personal in the so called “vintage years”. Nowadays people barely look at eachother since they’re constantly in contact with everyone all over the world through these little technical hand tools. This can be found as a good thing. However is this truly real contact? If you’d ask us, we’d say no without any hesitation. These modern days cause a sort of wall between people.


We miss the days where people actually had to do their best to get in touch with someone. The days where they wrote letters. The days where you could really go on an adventure and explore the world. But those days are unfortunately over. However, it doesn’t mean that those day have to be over for you.

Since we love vintage so much, we try to bring it back into our lives. One thing we love about vintage are letters. Writing a letter is much more personal than sending a text. Besides it’s also much more fun to receive a letter because it’s more special. That’s why, A year ago we decided to send letters to eachother because we love the way of contact and it is something that is fun to save for later. Writing letters is an easy way to keep the old days a bit with you.

Another thing that’s easy to combine with vintage is fashion. Everybody has their own styles and we prefer the styles from the earlier years. Luckily, those trends come back each year. Unfortunately, if you want to buy real vintage things it does cost a lot. But if you still want to find some good things that you cannot find easily in the modern stores, you should go to some thrift-shops and second-hand stores. Here you can find many beautiful things that aren’t very expensive.


You can see that are a lot of ways to still have a vintage life. Besides, all the olds things are coming back. Look at the polaroids and the record players, everyone wants to have them again. the world isn’t ready to let go of those things just yet.

Are you also a vintage lover? Let us know what you love the most about it!


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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