Why reading is good for you

We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves in there too


Hello Bookwurms!

Since we are both massive book-lovers, we tend to read a lot. I finish at least one book every week and cannot get enough of reading. It such a lovely way to take some time for yourself and to dissapear from this world. Continue reading


How to spend an afternoon of boredom


Hello Peepes!

Some people tend to get bored very fast. They don’t know what to do when they’re on their own or when they don’t have a plan for the rest of the day. We, actually, always try to make the best of a day even when we don’t have plans. That is why we’d like to give you some tips against boredom. Continue reading


Inspiring actress Emma Watson

In my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly: if not me, who? if not now, when?

~ Emma Watson


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Mallorca 2016


Hi dears!

We’re back from our trip to Mallorca and we’ve had so much fun! To be honest we did come across some bad luck, but we turned those situations into something good. The week flew by and we were sad to go home again. However, we were able to relax and to do some really great things. Continue reading


DIY: ART diary

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Hello creatives!

We like to spend our time as much as we can doing creative things. Even if we don’t really have the time for it, we try to combine creativity with the little things we do. That’s how we started creating our own ART diaries. Continue reading