Why we love Autumn


Hello Autumn-lovers!


Autumn has arrived and we’re thrilled. Autumn is, as well as winter, our favourite season. The world is changing colours and colder days are coming so it’s time to cozy up! Ever since we were children we’ve always loved the Autumn. It gave us a magical feeling. However, there is much more to love about the Autumn.

These are the reasons why we adore the Autumn:

  • The world is colourful again. All the leaves have different, warm colours which gives the nature a beautiful sight.
  • The cold, windy, rainy days at home. Nothing is more cozy than sitting in a comfy chair with a mug hot choco while it is storming outside.
  • HALLOWEEN. We love Halloween, a reason to eat more sweets and watch scary movies. And there is no halloween without carved pumpkins, which we love to carve.
  • Autumn fashion. The autumn line is often really lovely. Besides, you can wear more clothes now it gets colder, so more options of outfits!
  • Walks in the forest. These are always fun, but in the Autumn it’s even more special with all the colourful trees and it’s a good way of keeping yourself warm.
  • Candles in house. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer, that means candles!! Aside from the fact that they make your house very cozy if you buy scented candles it also makes you house smell nice.
  • Bonfires. Cuddling up with some friends, telling stories, roasting marshmellows and drinking hot choco. Is there anything not to like?
  • The smell of Autumn. Every season has it’s own smell and the smell of Autumn gives us a warm feeling inside.


Are you also a lover of Autumn? or not?

Let us know!


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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