It’s december!

Make it a December to remember.



Hello people!

December is here!! That means Christmas is coming nearer and nearer and we cannot wait. This month we’ll post a lot of articles related to things we love about this Holiday. One thing we like to do during this jolly time, is to capture some memories. That’s why we want to do a photochallenge this year. We’ll post the photos we’ve made or we think relate to the subject on our weheartit account @thelondonsisterss. Here is our photochallenge for this year:

Photochallenge December 2016:

  1. Your view today                           16. Outside Christmas lights
  2. Favourite Holiday movie            17. Presents
  3. Red                                                 18. Stockings
  4. Joyous                                            19. Candy Cane
  5. Today’s temperature                   20. Tree Topper
  6. Shopping                                       21. Peace
  7. Bright                                             22. Tradition
  8. Ornament(s)                                 23. Scarf
  9. Something you’re reading          24. Favourite part of Christmas eve
  10. Wrapping paper                          25. Morning
  11. Green                                            26. Grateful
  12. A beautiful sight                          27. Night Time
  13. Family                                           28. Words
  14. Christmas tree                             29. Sky view
  15. Favourite Holiday song              30. Your winter wonderland                                                               31. Fun


 ♥ Make this December a memorable one and capture some good moments. ♥

What are your plans this December?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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