NYE fashion


 Hello there!

 New Year’s Eve is around the corner and it’s about time to think about your outfit. We have selected some trends from this season, which we love and think are perfect for your outfit on New Year’s Eve.


Victorian dresses

These dresses are perfect for people who love lace and long dresses. They are dark, edgy but nevertheless very stylish.


Velvet trousers, velvet dresses, velvet skirts. Velvet, velvet, velvet!! We can’t get enough from velvet. it doesn’t matter what you wear with it, it looks stylish, classy and fashionable.

The woman suit

This is very festive and classy. The Perfect outfit for those who’d rather not be wearing dresses or skirts, but still want to look very fashionable.


Of course glitter, can’t be missed at New Year’s Eve. Now, to be honest,  we are not the biggest fan of glitter. However we do think that if you add some subtle glittery details, it can make your outfit very festive and perfect for a New Year’s Eve party!


We hope these trends will help you with choosing your outfit. Then there is nothing left but wishing you an amazing night and may the New Year start wonderful!

What are you going to wear?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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