How to: Tumblr room


Hello Dears!

It is often said by friends of us that we have TUMBLR-rooms and they tend to ask us how we come up with ideas for our rooms. Now we don’t really look that much on tumblr to get inspiration for our rooms. However when we did we found a lot of essentials that you need if you want a TUMBLR-room. We wanted to share these essentials with you. So here we go: 


  • House plants

They make your room look very bright. But they can also boost your mood, stimulate your creativity, reduce stress and increase productivity. Also they filter the air in your room. So why shouldn’t you have house plants?

  • Fairylights

Something you see on almost every TUMBLR-room photo is fairylights. Adding these lights to your room is an easy way to make your room look very lovely. It makes your room cozy and a bit magical.



  • Photos & Wall decor..

Every TUMBLR-room has a sentimental heart. That means a lot of photos (preferably made with your own polaroid for the extra vintage touch), cards and anything else that can relate you to some memorable moments from your life.

  • Recordplayer

You don’t even have to play music on it. But, having a recordplayer is a must for every TUMBLR-room. Besides vinyl-records sound much better, the art of vinyl albums is often very cool and you can use these albums to decorate your room even more.

  • Be creative with everything ( bedding, lamps, mirrors)

It is really important to be creative. Use your room as your own art project, that can even mean that you paint on your walls, and your room is TUMBLR-approved.


If you combine all these elements, your tumblr room is soon to be born.

We hope this was helpful!

see you next time.


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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