Favorite youtubers



Hello people of the internet!

We love watching youtube videos to get some inspiration or to cheer up our day (if needed).  We both have a variety number of youtubers we subscribed to. However, we do have some people we nearly watch every video from and whom we love the most. So here is our list of favorite youtubers:

Conan Gray;

If you love a vintage lifestyle, good music and something to cheer your day up. You have to pay a visit to Conan Grays channel. He’s an 18 year old adolescent  from Texas with an aesthetic lifestyle. He makes artistic videos which contain music, art & chats. Only looking at his videos makes you want to do something artistic.

 The Dolan twins; 

The Dolan Twins upload a video every Tuesday in which they do funny and crazy challenges. They’re 17 years old and live in  LA. Seeing them doing these crazy things while having so much fun, puts a smile on your face.

♥ Arden Rose;

Arden is a 22-year-old living in LA and occasionally in London with her boyfriend. She has a great style, discusses topics that matter (and aren’t discussed a lot). Also, recently she published her own book called ‘almost adulting‘, which we really want to read.

♥ Will Darbyshire;

His channel is quite interesting for the people who love film-making. He has a series on his channel called ‘snapshots’, which contains little diary-like videos of places he visits. Together with his girlfriend Arden Rose he lives in LA & London at times. The videos they make together are also really fun to watch!



Dodie Clark;

Dodie is a fun, quirky, creative girl with an amazing singing voice. She writes her own songs, discusses serious topics & makes quite often fun videos with friends. If you love colorful, creative videos, check her channels. She has one for music only and one she uses as a sort of diary/scrapbook.

Lucy Moon;

Lucy Moon is an english blogger & youtuber who lives in London. She often discusses a variety of topics with respect to self-care, self-love & other issues people might deal with. She is very open about her own addictions and gives her honest opinion on everything. Besides, serious topics you can find some covers and challenges on her channel. So if you’d like to see some videos where someone talks and gives genuinely advise, this is the channel for you.


Mckenna Kaelin is not the average youtuber you might expect. She is a multi-talented young adult, who is currently, besides making videos, working on her own poetry book. Sometimes she puts some of her own poems in her videos, and from what we’ve been hearing so far, they seem really good. She loves autumn and nature in general. If you want to see some videos from someone with a different kind of view on the world than most people, go and checkout her channel.

Grace with a book in her face;

This channel is completely devoted to books. Grace is a reader by heart and does a lot of great book hauls. If you want to start reading some new books, but you do not know which ones. Check this channel for some good book recommendations.



We hope you will have as much fun watching their videos as we do!

Who are your favourite youtubers?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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