10 things you should try to do everyday





Hello Dears!

There are so many things you can do during a day. Some things you do everyday, some things you do only a few days and some things you rarely do. Despite the fact that there are so many things you can do,  we think there are a couple of things everyone should try to  do everyday.



Reading is really relaxing. It is a way better alternative to relax than watching TV or spending some time on your phone. Reading actually improves your cognitive skills and it helps you focus more. There are so many beautifully written books in the world, that there has to be a book for everyone to read. Even for the non-readers.


Draw, doodle, paint

Drawing, doodling, or painting are such easy ways to relax. It stimulates your creative mind and even if you are not that good at it, you can improve yourself by doing it everyday.


Drink a lot of water

Water is really good for your skin and for your body in general. Now, you can drink natural water. However, you can also drink some water with a slice of lemon or cucumber even. This is an easy way to make your water taste a bit more different. Besides, adding some lemon or cucumber is actually really healthy.



It is extremely important to exercise everyday. Not that we are the biggest athletes. But we do try to go for a run or to cycle for a bit. You can also dance in your room of course.




Spend some time outdoors

Spending time outdoors is something you should do everyday because it gives you energy, a clear head, and some time to think. Go for a walk or a run and breath in the fresh air. You don’t even have to do this alone, you can also plan some nice activities with your friends outdoors.



We daydream almost throughout the entire day. And we think it is something you should do everyday because it stimulates your imagination. It is a fun and easy way to relax ( instead of spending time on technical tools) Also, who knows what kind of great ideas you come up with during your (day)dreams.


Try something new

Personally, we think it is important to try to do something new everyday. People tend to be scared of new things, but, they do not always realize that trying new things, helps you grow as a person. So, step over some boundaries and grow.


 Eat some fruit & greens

A lot of people tend to not eat enough greens and fruits. This is such a shame since they are both so healthy for you and delicious. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits and you’ll feel healthier.



Increasing your flexibility is very important. That’s why we stretch every day. This way are muscles won’t get sore. Stretching is a great way to prevent injuries and to make your body more flexible.


Document your life

With all the tools we have nowadays it is very easy to document your life. You can make videos, photographs, you can journal. Documenting your life might not be something you would want to do right now, however, if you’re older it is fun to have something that makes you go back to the time you were younger. So write something down once in a while, make a photo or a video. This way you have captured some memories, which you are going to love later on.





These were the things, we think you should try to do everyday.

What do you do everyday?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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