How to become a bookworm


(n.) A person who likes to read books and spends a lot of time reading and studying. 


Hello readers & non-readers!

We often hear people say that they would love to read more. The only problem seems to be that people find it hard to find time for reading or they say that reading takes a very long time. We think that reading is really good for you and that a lot of people should read more often. Personally, we haven’t got any trouble with starting a book. However, we are aware of the fact that it can be quite difficult for people who are not used to reading. That is why we came up with a list that can turn you into a bookworm. 



  1. Know where to start. e.g. If you are not used to read high literature, then do not read that right a way. Start with something light, a fun book that is not too difficult, which can get you into reading.
  2. Set aims. It is important to set aims for yourself. This way you force yourself to read and it gives a good feeling when you’ve achieved your goal.
  3. Read everyday. Basically the most important thing with respect to becoming a bookworm is to read continually. If you just read a few pages everyday, you will get used to it and later on you will read more and more.
  4. Choose books that seem interesting. Reading isn’t as fun as it can be when you are reading something you do not like. We tend to experience this when we are obligated to read books for school. Choose books that you like and your reading experience will be a lot more fun.
  5. Join a reading community. If you find it hard to read by yourself, join a reading community. This is a great way to take up reading and you can discuss the book with a lot of people who are also interested in reading. Search up some communities online and find one that fits you.
  6. Stop making excuses. The ‘I don’t have enough time to read’ excuse is probably one of the most used excuses. However, we think this is complete nonsense. If you have time to watch TV, to spend time on your phone or to think even, you have time to read. The best way to start doing something, is to quit talking and to do it.



These are our tips on how to become a bookworm. We hope you find them helpful and that you will start reading more. Believe us, reading is something truly magical and is a great way to pass some time.

Do you call yourself a bookworm?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose

ps. A good app/website  to register the books you have read, to set aims for yourself and to make a to-read list is GOODREADS. You can follow us as well @KikiJane & @LilyChloe


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