Our favourite shops


Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.
~ Rachel Zoe




Hello Fashion-lovers!

 We absolutely love, love, love shopping! Whether it is online (the fun of receiving a package at home and having yourself a little unboxing moment) or in the store (experiencing real life styles) During our shopping trips, we’ve been in a lot of different stores and there are some shops we absolutely adore more than others. Here is our list of our favourite shops.

Urban Outfitters is one of these stores where, when shopping, you have to go inside. You don’t necessarily have to buy something, however, going inside to get some inspiration is already enough. There is so much to see, so many styles to absorb, and there is clothing for everyone’s taste.

We love & Other stories! We think it is a shop with its own style. You can buy many different products with respect to fashion, beauty and stationary. Unfortunately it is a quite expensive shop, however, the items are really good quality and we prefer to invest a bit more in one piece of clothing, that we are going to wear all the time. Instead of buying tons of cheap clothing which we are hardly going to wear.

(Basically any kind of) VINTAGE SHOP
We love thrift-shopping. It is a good way to recycle clothes & you can get really great stuff for a cheap price. Also we love the clothes they used to wear in the old days, and where can you find this clothing better than in a thrift shop!?



•non-fashion shops•

The Waterstones is our all-time favourite bookshop. We usually spend a couple of hours in the shop every time we’re there. It has beautiful editions of books for good prices. They sell basically any kind of genre you’re looking for, whether it is children classics, YA-fiction, crimes, non-fiction, novelty books,  you can find your books at the Waterstones.

LUSH is an  all-natural bath&body shop. We love the products and we love the idea that it is all natural. With the products of LUSH your bathing experience will become even better.

This is a Scandinavian shop we discovered quite recently and we are obsessed with it. We usually describe it as a shop where you can buy basically everything with respect to home-decor, stationary and art stuff. The products are made of good quality, the prices aren’t that expensive and you can find so many lovely things to decorate your house with. We are absolutely in love with this shop!!



We love shopping at these places and we go there quite often to find some inspiration.

What is your favourite shop?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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