A day in Amsterdam


Some tourist think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth it is a city of freedom. And in freedom most people find sin.
~ John Green



Hello Loves!

We were in Amsterdam a couple of months back and we absolutely loved it. We had never been there before and our first experience with the city was very pleasant. We do think it was quite crowded, however we tried to see past that and to do as much as we were able to. We visited some museums, went shopping, went out for dinner and just wandered around in this unique city.

Amsterdam has many museums and since we love art we decided to pay a visit to the Rijksmuseum and the stedelijk museum, which ended up to be very interesting. Both visits costs us nothing, due to the fact that the tickets in these museums are free for adolescents up to 18. We roamed in the beautiful building of the Rijksmuseum for a couple of hours, we saw wonderful art pieces and we absolutely fell in love with its old library. At the stedelijk museum, which is a museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design, we visited an exhibition by a dutch photographer named Ed van der Elksen, this was a very impressive exposition and we thought that many of the photographs were truly beautiful.



We shopped at the main shopping street which is the kalverstraat, here we bought a bunch of clothes at one of our favourite stores; the urban outfitters. Then we also explored the nine streets. These are shopping streets in the centre of the city which consist out of little boutiques and vintage shops. While walking through these streets, you walk aside the lovely looking canals and houses, which is a  great experience.

We ate & drank at some little places in the centre of Amsterdam. We do not recall the names properly, however we can tell you that there are so many cute little places where you can get some affordable, good dinner or coffee.

Besides doing all of the shoppings, the eating and museum visits, we also wandered through the streets of Amsterdam. We personally love to roam in cities we have yet to explore. We do not necessarily prefer to fill in our days with loads of activities,  we just like to look around in the city and get inspiration from the sightseeing we do, without doing any touristic activities.



Our time in Amsterdam was way too short and we most definitely want to return. We’d love to visit the city during the Autumn and the Winter to see what it looks like then. We hope we can go back quite soon!

Have you ever been in Amsterdam?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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