Styles we love


Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it.
~ Diane von Furstenberg



Good day loves!

We are massive fashion-lovers. We love designing, buying and combining clothes. Due to this, are styles are constantly in development. However, there are a few styles that never seem to get out of our wardrobes. We have some styles we will always love, styles we think never go out of style, and styles we think are perfect for every season. Here are the styles we love.



Turtle necks
Turtle necks are our favourite kind of tops. We love them because they are very classy, easy to combine and because you can wear them every season. There are so many variations, you have short sleeve turtle necks, long sleeve turtle necks, sweaters with turtle necks, the possibilities are endless.

High-waisted bottoms
We love any kind of high-waisted bottoms. Whether these are skirts, shorts, jeans or trousers, we are obsessed with them. We think that the high-waisted model is very flattering. It gives your shape an hour glass look, which is often considered as very feminine and classy. Also we find high-waisted clothes often very comfortable.

Wide leg trousers
We think wide leg trousers are something that is a must in your wardrobe. You can style them with basically anything. They’re are classy, good for every season and very fashionable. Also we find them way more comfortable than skinny jeans.

A-line mini skirts
These are the kind of skirts we could wear every day. They are a great way to make your outfit look a bit more feminine. They’re simply yet edgy. You can style with different kind of tops or jumpers, add some nice shoes with it and your outfit is complete. This is, yet again, a clothing item you can wear every season.



These are the styles we love the most. Are wardrobes are basically based on these styles and we find it very fun to experiment with these items to see what kind of outfits we can create.

What is your favourite style?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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