Trying new things


Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay between the limits of what you already know.




Hello there!

We always found it very hard to say yes to new things. There was something about new experiences that seemed to frighten us. We guess it was because of the fact that new always comes with changes. And change used to be a bad thing for us. We were always content with the safety which our ordinary daily lives provided us. Why would we want to spoil that?



However, as we grew older, we’ve learned that change is something we should embrace. Change can be horrible and yet wonderful. We realised that if you do not accept any change in your life, you will not come much further. We need change in our lives to grow. With us it was a funny case, since we both really longed to change, but, we were to much of a coward to embrace the change. Lately, we’ve been saying more and more yes to new experiences, new opportunities. And some of them turned out really great and some of them didn’t. However, every change we’ve accept taught us something about people, about life and about ourselves.



We still struggle with change at times, which isn’t weird. We do, however, have gained more courage to accept the change and its consequences. Over the years we’ve learned that if you want to do something, if you want follow your dreams, change is necessary. And change is exciting, because you never know what will happen, and it will only make you grow as a person. Now, we are not afraid anymore of trying new things.

Do you struggle with change?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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