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Hello Dears!

We’ve been doing a bit of beauty shopping lately and we’ve been really enjoying the products we purchased. So, we thought we would do a beauty haul. All the products, except for the products from LUSH, we ordered on the site which was our first, nevertheless a very pleasant, experience to order from.

Tanya Burr cosmetics

We’ve been following Tanya Burr on youtube for a while now and she often uses products from her own brand. We think the products look very cute and we’ve been wanting to try them out for ages, so we’ve ordered a couple. We are very positive about the products, the colours are amazing, the packaging is lovely and they are worthy of their price. Also, all the products are cruelty free. We are eager to try out some more of her products.

Eyeshadow palette, ENCHANTED DREAM

Eyeshadow palette, GALAXY

Eyeshadow palette, HOLLYWOOD

Eyebrow palette, PERFECT BROW






This bubble bar has a very sweet sent and is perfect for in the summer. We love the sweetness, however, for some people it might be a bit too sweet. That is something you should keep in mind.


This bubble bar has a real fresh scent, it is a combination of mandarin, bergamot and tangerine and gives us total summer vibes. You can even buy this in Autumn if you feel like you are in need of a summery feeling.

Luxury bath oil, DREAMTIME

We absolutely love this bath oil, It has a strong lavender and ginger scent, which will make you dream away immediately after you’ve entered your bath.

Luxury bath oil, FLOWER’S BARROW

The moment we smelled this scent, we were sold. For us it really smells like a magical forest. And since the forest is one of our favourite places to be,  we absolutely love making our baths smell like this scent.

Face mask, CUP O’ COFFEE

We are very positive about all the lush face masks, however, this one is probably one of our favourites. We really like the fact that you can use it as a sort of scrub which gives your skin a boost and makes it feel fresh and clean. Also, it smells like flippin’  COFFEE!!


This face mask has been very beneficial for our skins on the days they are not as clean as we wish they would be. If you are struggling with a bad skin, this mask will really help you.




Soft matte lip cream, smlc20 COPENHAGEN

This is a beautiful dark, yet, not too dark lip colour. It is perfect for the autumn and the lip cream itself is long-lasting and very pleasant for your lips.

Soft matte lip cream, smlc32 ROME

This is a more neutral colour, however, very good for the Autumn days. We are absolutely obsessed with it and think it is a colour you can wear with basically everything.

Rimmel London

The only 1 matte lipstick, 750 WHO’S TALKING

We are huge fans of the rimmel london lipsticks and we were looking for some proper Autumn colours. This one is a beautiful copper red and we absolutely love it. It is long-lasting and beneficial for your lips.

The only 1 matte lipstick, 200 SALUTE

This colour is the colour we basically wear every day if we do not feel like wearing a very bright colour. It is the perfect neutral colour that is very simplistic but beautiful.


Those were all the products we hauled over the last few months, all the products are linked so that you can check them out if you like.


What is your favourite beauty product?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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