Why we have to think about our environment


The environment is everything that isn’t me.
~ Albert Einstein




Hello Environmentalists!

Lately we have been getting more and more interested in our environment. We’ve watched a couple of documentaries about waste and damage. And we were in shock of the amount of waste and the amount of ways in which we harm our planet. That is why we’ve been trying to find ways in which we can help our world a little bit. We’ve been recycling much more, eating more conscious and committed ourselves to the slow fashion movement (see article). We think it is very important to treat our planet with love and care and here are our reasons why.



1. The earth is our home.
We live on this planet and in order to live here properly we need to take care of it. We shouldn’t spoil it with loads of waste and toxic gasses. Imagine your own house filled with garbage and toxins, you wouldn’t want that, would you?

2. A clean environment is important for a healthy life. 
While damaging our environment we our damaging our chances at a healthy life as well. We breathe in toxins , eat vegetables filled with toxics etc. This is not good for our planet nor for ourselves. So, why should we continue with harming the earth?

3.   We should not take nature for granted.
It is true that we are surrounded by nature, however, that doesn’t mean that we can take it for granted. One day it might not be here anymore, due to the fact that we have been taking it too much for granted, and then we have problem. Because the truth is that we cannot live without it.

4. Our great, great grand children will be grateful. 
If we start trying to save our environment right now, and if we perhaps succeed only a bit at it, our descendants will benefit from it. They might be able to grow up in a clean environment which is not only better for the earth, but, also for their health.



These are the reasons why we think it is extremely important to be aware of the damaging we do to our environment and why we try to help our planet a bit more. Improve the world, start with yourself.

Do you think about the environment?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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