The art of vinyl


My roots are in my record player.
~ Evan Parker




Goodday Dears!

As you might know we love the vintage years and everything that includes that. We love purchasing vintage things and you can often find us in secondhand-, thrift- or vintage stores. One thing we also love about the old days is that people used to listen to there music on record-players. We think this is a very cool way to listen to music and here is why.



We love listening music on record players because it gives an extra value to the music that your listening to. The experience of listening to music on a record is more special than listening it on Spotify or something else. You need to put more effort in choosing and purchasing the music that you want to listen to. Which we think is actually kind of fun. And it will make you appreciate the music more.

Moreover, the cover of the vinyl is often an art piece itself. There are many covers that are absolutely stunning pieces of art. We have some vinyls, we only bought for the cover, just because we think they look great in our rooms.

Also, we love to stroll around in second hand shops to search for some beautiful vinyls.  The thing we love probably most about vinyl is collecting it. There is just something about having your own vinyl collection in your room. It has a retro kind of vibe and can really add something to your room decoration.



Overall, we think vinyl is an art and we love playing records on our record player.

Do you like vinyls?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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