Autumn playlist


Float down, like autumn leaves. Hush now, close you’re before the sleep.
~ Ed Sheeran




Hello Pumpkins!

Here is a list of our favourite tunes to listen to during these rainy yet cozy days.


Brown eyed girl, Van Morrison

Moondance, Van Morrison

Into the mystic, Van Morrison

Charlie boy, The Lumineers

Back to you, Twin Forks

Ophelia, The Lumineers

Autumn Leaves, Ed Sheeran

Gold rush, Ed sheeran

Give me love, Ed Sheeran

Fall, Ed Sheeran

Sex (acoustic version), The 1975

Chocolate (acoustic version), The 1975

First day of my life, Bright eyes

Bones, Katie and I

We always listen to these songs while pouring ourselves a good cup of coffee or tea and make it all cozy inside our houses.

What are your favourite songs to listen to during this time?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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