Autumn night time routine



Come said the leaves to the wind one day, come o’er the meadows and we will play. Put on your dresses scarlet and gold. For Summer is gone and the days grow cold.
~ George Elliot




Hello pumpkins!

Summer break has been over for a couple of weeks now, which means we have developed a night time routine again for the 5 nights in the week we go to school. This is the routine we follow on our regular nights, in which we do not have anything special planned.



4.30 pm, Home at last!

We usually get home around 4.30 pm. The first thing we do when we get home is take of our shoes and drop our school bags in our rooms. After that, we make some tea and a snack, since we always have a bit of an appetite after school. This snack is reguraly oatmeal because we flippin’ love it!! Then we just relax for an hour or so, just to take our minds off of school for a bit. Sometimes we read, chat with some family members or anything we feel like doing at that moment.

5.30 pm,  Studying, learning, memorising

Around 5.30 pm it is time to do our homework, we always want to do our homework right away in order to prevent procrastination. This way we keep on schedule with our schoolwork and we end up having less stress and more time to do the things we love. Doing our homework takes often a bit less than 1 hour.

6.30 pm, Dinner!!!

Dinner is probably one of our favourite moments of the night, because we get to eat a  delicious meal again. Especially during these Autumn days we have Autumnal meals and we absolutely love them.

7.00 pm, Time to relax

After dinner we take an hour to watch some youtube, work on the blog, read or do anything else we like to do at that moment. It is an hour in which we are free to do whatever we love to do, whilst sipping some tea and hopefully listening to the raindrops falling on the rooftops.

8.00 pm, A quick workout

We love doing a quick workout at night. Usually we search on youtube to find a workout video with a duration of 20-30 minutes. A workout channel we absolutely love is XHIIT daily. They come up with simple, yet effective workouts that you can easily do at home. There are times when we do not feel like doing a workout, these nights we try to go for a 30 minutes walk. We do think it is very important to get some fresh air, so we love going out for walks at night.

8.30 pm, Time for a bath

Bath time is the perfect time for us to rewind and forget about all the things we have to do. We often use a bath bomb or bubble bar from lush to make sure our bath is even more soothing.   Something we also do while sitting in bath is reading books and drinking tea. We find reading in bath extremely relaxing and it is one of those moments in our day in which we are completely at peace with ourselves.

9.00 pm, Skin care & preparing for bed

Our skincare routine is very limited, normally we just wash our faces very well and put on a face mask or any other face product from lush to make sure our skins get the treatment they deserve. A face mask we use frequently is MAGNAMINTY, we absolutely love it and it does miracles for our skins! After putting on a face mask we prepare ourselves for bed, which means, cleaning up our rooms, choosing our outfits for the next day, packing our bags and setting our alarms. After we’ve done this, we wash our faces and go to bed.

9.30 pm, Time for bed

So we are quite early in bed, however we do not go to sleep right away. We usually take an hour or so to read or write in our journals etc. We do this with our phones switched off, so we can go to sleep peacefully and do not have to focus on all the things on our phones.

10.30 pm, Goodnight, sleep tight and don’t let the ladybugs bite

Around 10.30 pm it is time for us to go to sleep and enter the wonderful world of our dreams.



That was our Autumn night time routine. We do not stick to it every night, however it is a night time routine we are very comfortable with and is perfect for our school nights.


What is your night time routine?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose




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