Halloween costume ideas


“But grandmother, what big eyes you have’ she said, ‘the better to see you with my dear.”
~ Little red riding hood



Hello pumpkins!

Halloween is not too far away anymore and we are trying to figure out what we are going to be this year. We always find it rather hard to choose and find ourselves always going for the same, not to creative,  zombie schoolgirl outfit. This year we have already thought of some costume possibilities and we wanted them to share with you as, perhaps, some inspiration



We absolutely love Alice in wonderland and all its characters and we think it are these iconic costumes that are perfect for Halloween. All you need to recreate the Queen of hearts look is a red-black dress with preferably some gingham pattern in it, some wacky tights and a little crown as hair accessory. Make-up wise: a little heart on your lips and smokey eyes will do the trick.





We think pirates arrrr amazing. A secret wish of us is to, one day, buy a pirate ship and sail the seas. Unfortunately we do not think that seems very likely to happen in this world, however, a girl can dream right? Anyway, it does not mean we cannot dress up like a pirate and pretend to be one. All you need is a fluffy white blouse (maybe with some rips), some pirate trousers OR a nice long skirt, a bandana and some pirate accessories (think of a sword and eye patch). Add a pirate accent and make people believe that you could be an actual pirate.




We love the mad hatter and his iconic costume. He’s one of our favourite characters ever and we’d love to dress up like him for Halloween and drink tea all night or step out on the dance floor and show our flutterwacking moves.  For this costume you can basically wear as much weird patterned clothes as you can find and of course a big hat. Something fun to add to your costume is a little teacup, since the mad hatter is all about his tea. Makeup wise you will need to make your face white, use colourful eyeshadow and for the finishing touch give your eyebrows a shade of orange.




”But grandmother, what big eyes you have’ she said, ‘the better to see you with my dear.” Little red riding hood is often portrayed as a little innocent looking girl, however, she can be a bit naughty at times. Obviously you will need a red hood for this outfit and a little white dress, you can also carry a basket with you filled with sweets. To make your look a bit more scary and daring you can go for a bloody makeup look created with greasepaint.



These are the costumes we have in mind right now. We hope they gave you a bit of inspiration.

What are you going to dress up for, this year?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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