Autumn morning routine 2017

“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is to wake up”
~J.M. Power


Hi dears!

If we are being quite honest, we actually love mornings. We love the idea of starting a new day with new chances, new opportunities and new experiences. However, we are still in school, so the majority of our morning consists out of following classes. Nevertheless we have about two hours that are completely free for us to fill in. Here is our morning routine for the days that we go to school.

5.45 am, Rise and Shine

Since we have to leave for school at 7.30 am we usually set our alarm clocks at 5.45 am. This way, we can still close our eyes for 5 more minutes until we really have to get out of bed.

5.50 am, A bit of reading to wake up the mind

Before we go out of bed we always read for 20 minutes or so. We find that this is the perfect way to wake up. We just dive into another world before we have to go on in the real world.

6.15 am, Stretching

After we’ve properly woken up our minds, we still need to wake up our bodies. This we do by stretching. We love stretching in the morning because it makes your body less stiff. And it helps us to feel more energetic.

6.20 am, Let’s prep

Around 6.20 am, it is time to make ourselves ready for school. We put on our clothes, do our makeup, pack our bags etc. We usually do this while sipping some tea and listening to some music in the background.

6.40 am, Creativity time

We think it is very important to do something creative every morning. So we have inserted 20 minutes in our morning routine, in which we are free to do whatever we want. Sometimes we journal, sometimes we paint, sometimes we make some music. It really depends on what kind of mood we are in, but, we try to stimulate our creativity already in the early morning.

7.00 am, Breakfast time

At 7.00 am it is finally time for our breakfast. We absolutely love, love, love breakfast and usually we have some overnight oats, some coffee and some tea. (for our favourite and most easy breakfast recipes, see this article) We try to eat our breakfast without spending time on our phones, however, we do find this quite hard at times.

7.20 am, Last round of gathering things

With ten minutes left on the clock, we usually grab our last things for school, brush our teeth and check our outfits one last time, in order to be completely ready for our day.

7.30 am, Let’s go to school!

At 7.30 am it is time for us to go to school and start the rest of the day.

This is our current, little morning routine on school days. For us, this is a perfect way to wake up, we still have time to get a bit of reading done, to do something creative and to have a full breakfast.

What is your morning routine?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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