A December to remember

December (n.)

a month of lights, snow and feasts; time to make amends and loose ties; to finish of what you started and hope that your wishes come true.


Dear all,

Firstly, a very, happy, merry 1st of December to you. Yes, it is indeed December, the last month of the year has arrived. For us, one of the most jolly months of all. We are nearing the festive holidays and in addition we are nearing the end of another year. We always find it kind of an odd time since it is the time of an ending and yet the time of new beginnings. You might be sad that this year is over or you are ovary excited to start the new one. It is the time of family, laughter, love and kindness. The time where the only music you’ll here blasting out of your stereo is Christmas themed. The month in which you might try to fulfil some of your new year’s resolutions that you try to stick to every year, but, let’s be honest, fail to persevere every time. It are the last days of the year in which you hope for your dreams to come true and a Christmas miracle to happen.

We hope all your dreams do come true this December. May you end this year happily and healthy. May you surround yourself with all your favourite people and laugh as much as you possibly can.

May you make it a December to remember.


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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