What we love about Christmas


‘Maybe Christmas,’ he thought ‘doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas means a little bit more!’




Dear Christmas-lovers,

Christmas is our most beloved time of the year. We absolutely adore it and cannot wait until it is here again. Luckily, that will be very soon. But, something that we might love the most about Christmas is the days before. The days where you start prepping all your Christmas plans and start decorating your house. The days in which we appreciate all the things that we love about Christmas. These are the things we love most about it. 




During Christmas time everybody seems to be in a very good mood. Everyone is more cheery and wants to have a good time. It is hard not to enjoy that.


Christmas is the perfect time to spend with your family, and that is exactly what we always do. We love spending time with them. Making big dinners, having family board game nights, Christmas movie marathons, our own little bake-offs. We absolutely love spending time with our families and especially during Christmas.


Christmas songs are the perfect way to get you in the Christmas mood. We love them and listen to them all the time while decorating the house, baking Christmas delights or drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. We also find it fun to search up the sheet music from certain songs and play the songs ourselves on the piano.


….with bows of holly falalalalalaalaaa… Nope, we are not referring here to another Christmas song. We mean decorating your house with Christmas lights, a Christmas tree etc. We love decorating our houses during Christmas. We also like it to make some Christmas DIY’s every year.


We do not always get snow during Christmas time, but, boy if we do, we are in our best moods. Snow is something that for us is a part of Christmas. It is something magical. It paints the whole world white again and it feels as if something magical can happen at every moment.



These are our favourite things about Christmas. These elements combined make the perfect Christmas for us.

What do you love most about Christmas?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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