Winter essentials






Dear all,

The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, the snow-excitement is growing, in short, winter is upon us. We absolutely love winter and our hope for snow and ice will never end. Every winter we have certain items that are an absolute must for the season and here are our essentials of this year. They are fashion, lifestyle and beauty related.




We feel that you can never go wrong with a massive scarf during these winter days. It is so comfortable and warm. You can also combine it with lots of cute outfits and if you have a real gigantic scarf you can even use it as a blanket (which we often do in school).


It is no secret that winter is the time of the sweater weather. We love jumpers because they are so warm and cozy and it feels as if you are wearing a pyjama all day long, who does not love that?


Oh my, fluffy socks are an absolute must for us during winter. We just don’t leave the house without them. They are like a little bed for your feet.


The teddy coat is one of our favourite trends at the moment. We think it is perfect for the winter days because it makes you like a little cute teddy bear and everyone wants to give you a hug.


Blankets are a must since they are so cozy to lie under while sipping some tea and reading a book. Plus, they can actually make your room look really cute, if you choose one with a great pattern or a fun color.


We tend to wear lipstick everyday in all sorts of shades, however, during the colder days we prefer to wear a red lipstick to spice up our outfits a bit and to give our faces a bit more color.


To be honest, books are always an essential for us, but, especially in winter we get even more pleasure out of reading (if that is even possible). Sitting in front of a fireplace drinking hot cocoa and diving into another world is probably our most beloved winter activity.



These are the essentials we cannot live without during Winter time.

What is your Winter essential?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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