Places we’d love to visit during Christmas

There is no more beautiful place to be at Christmas than New York.
~ Mike Roth




Dear People, 

There are so many places that we’d love to visit in this world, however, there are also certain places that we would absolutely adore to visit particularly during Christmas time. 




New York, U.S.A

New York seems such a magical place during Christmas. We’d love to go to central perk and admire the beautiful grand Christmas tree.

Dusseldorf, Germany

Germany is known for its massive Christmas markets and we definitely want to check them out. Dusseldorf is supposed to have a very big one and we’d love to go there and explore all the christmassy elements.

Glasgow, Scotland

We already want to visit Glasgow, but, it is supposed to be very festive during Christmas. So we’d like to go there one day and enjoy all the festivities.

Stockholm, Sweden

We love the Scandinavian countries and Stockholm is most definitely a city we’d love to explore during Christmas. We’d like to roam around in the city, going to little Christmas markets and hopefully enjoy the city while it is snowing!!

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is supposed to be beautiful during Christmas. The whole city is lighted up by all kinds of different Christmas lights. There are Christmas markets and Ice skating rings. We think Vienna would be a lovely place to visit during Christmas time.




These were the places we would love to visit during Christmas time. Of course, we do not know whether we will actually be able to visit them, but, we shall see what the future will bring…

Which places would you like to visit during Christmas?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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