How we wrap our gifts


There’s nothing that says the heart racing in anticipation quite like a beautifully wrapped gift.




Dear people,

Christmas is a time of giving people presents. And something we might enjoy even more than buying the presents and giving them, is the wrapping of the gifts. We always try to wrap every gift as fun and cute as possible. We tend to put a lot of effort in our wrappings, however, we do know that it can be very difficult to come up with some ideas for it. Here are the elements that we use to wrap our gifts during Christmas. 




First of all, you need to get some cute/fun/awesome wrapping paper. We bought our wrapping paper this year online at Ohh deer and we are absolutely in love with it. We found such cool wrapping papers and they make the presents look really cute.


We love to use ribbons while wrapping our presents. We think it makes your gifts look absolutely lovely. We use all kinds of colours and patterns. And we can never have to much ribbon.


You can also personalise your gift wrap by adding photos on your paper. Think of polaroids, or childhood pictures. This is a fun little way to make your present a bit more personal.


We tend to put a quote on a tag and tie it with a ribbon on our presents. We usually pick a quote that reminds us of a person or we choose a person’s favourite quote. This is for us another way to make the wrapping a bit more personal. We also make our own name tags for the presents with calligraphy.


We like to add some candy canes to our presents to give it a bit more of a festive look.  We tie the sweets on the presents with any kind of ribbon. We sometimes add some homemade cookies or chocolates as well.




These were all the elements that we use while we wrap our presents. We already wrapped most of our gifts, however, we still have a few left to do and we are really looking forward to it.

How do you wrap your gifts?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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