Our favourite Winter trends


Fashion is a trend, style is within a person
~ Oscar de la Renta




Dear Fashionista’s, 

Winter is probably our favourite fashion season. You are allowed to wear big chunky sweaters, but, you can also wear skirts and dresses with tights and to top it all, you can layer. We love layering!! As always, every season has different trends every year and here are three of our favourites from this winter.



The woman suit

We are absolutely in love with the woman suit. We think it looks super cool and sophisticated and you can wear it in such different colours. Add some high heels and you are good to go for the day looking smashing.

Colourful fur

The faux fur coat is also an obsession of us. And lately, you can find these coats in every store in all kinds of colours. You can find them in the most brightest blue or even pink. We think they are such good statement pieces for in your closet and will absolutely wear them this season.


In our opinion red is such a fierce colour to wear and it spices up nearly every outfit. Even if you are only wearing black, add a red item to it and your outfit is looking fashionable (& festive). We love the colour and we love experimenting with it in our fashion choices.



These are our favourite trends of this season. We cannot wait to purchase the items that relate to them and experiment with our outfits.

What is your favourite winter trend?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose



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