Holiday pamper routine


A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content.




Dear beauties,

The holidays are nearly here and that means that there are loads of parties and social gatherings at the moment. The holidays are times of joy and laughter, however, they can also be quite hectic at times. That is why we try too look after ourselves a bit more during these days and we have regular pamper routines to give ourselves a bit of an extra boost.



  1. Tea time.

It is never too early or to late for some tea, if you ask us. We love tea and drink it often when we need to rewind for a moment and have some time for ourselves. Thus drinking tea is the start of our pamper routine.

2. Exploring different worlds

After making some tea for ourselves, we read for an hour or so. We love to dive into other worlds and exploring different realms through books as it most definitely helps us to relax.

3. Bath time!

When we feel we are done with reading (to be honest we are never done with reading), we’ll prepare a luxurious bath. We usually use a bath bomb or bubble bar from lush and this months favourite is THE MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS. We often also read some more whilst sitting in the bath.

4. face masks & chill

The moment we get out of bath, we put on some pyjamas and cover our faces with a face mask to give our skins an extra boost. Whilst letting the face masks dry we meditate for approximately 15 minutes. Meditating is for us the perfect way to rewind and calm down.

5. Movie time

After washing our faces, we make our beds real cozy, make some more tea and watch a film. We love watching films while laying in bed and drinking a delicious cup of tea. It is for us a lovely way to spend a night when we just want to relax.



This is our little pamper routine during the holidays. We appreciate the little moments for ourselves very much and therefor we use this pamper routine quite often.

What is your pamper routine?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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