The perfect Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…



You wake up on Christmas morning while the stars are still awake. Your eyes still filled with sleep from the wonderful dream you were dreaming. You look at your window to see if any snow has fallen. To your disappointment, you see no snowflakes on your window. The world has unfortunately not turned white over night. Not that any weather forecast predicted it, nevertheless you still had a tiny bit of hope.  But, that will not spoil your day. You go downstairs to make some tea for yourself. The whole house is quiet as no one seems to have woken up just yet.

While preparing your tea you see the presents underneath the Christmas tree, that you placed there in the middle of the night. You cannot wait until your family members open their presents and you try to imagine what their reactions will be like. Your tea is ready and you go back to your bed to lie down for a few minutes whilst sipping tea and reading your favourite book, you always read during Christmas. You cannot express in words how wonderful and excited you feel. Your favourite of the year has once again returned.

After an hour or so, you hear voices downstairs of your family members. They are preparing the annual Christmas breakfast. You go downstairs again and hug everyone while wishing them a merry Christmas. You take a seat at the table and all of you are having a lovely breakfast whilst exchanging presents and listening to some jazzy music. After Breakfast, it is time to start preparations for the big family dinner party. First of all you start to help cleaning up the house and then you’ll help with the cooking and baking.

After everything is well prepared, you go upstairs to your room again to make yourself ready for the evening. The outfit you had in mind is already laying on your bed and you know exactly what kind of look you want to create with your hair and makeup. While watching a Christmas movie you dress yourself and do your makeup.

When you are completely ready, the doorbell goes. The first guests are there. The dinner party has started and all your family members are gathered. It is nice to see all of the  lovely people you do not see all the time. You chitchat and laugh, make jokes and there is even some live music by some people who play instruments. You all eat together the delicious meal and have drinks and all in all it is just a lovely evening.

After a while, you go outside to get some fresh air for a minute, and then, completely unexpected, as you are watching the night sky and trying to see if there are any stars awake, you feel a snowflake falling at your face. The realisation gets to your brain that the weather is painting the world all white and magical again.  And you think by yourself, ‘this must be the perfect Christmas.’

What does your perfect Christmas look like?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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