Our top 3 places to read


Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.




Hello bookworms!

As every firm believer of books has, we have certain places we prefer to read than other places.  Places where we find it most easy to dive into familiar and unfamiliar books. Here’s our top 3 of places we love to read.




One of our absolute favourite places to read are bookstores. It is quiet, you are surrounded by hundreds of books and there are often very comfortable chairs to sit in and read. Some bookstores even have special coffee corners in their store, where you can sit back, sip some coffee and read or even work. We absolutely love these corners and find them perfect to read. Our favourite one is in the Waterstones at Tottenham court in London.


If the weather is decent, reading outside is one of our favourite things to do. We pack our bags with some snacks and something to drink and just sit outside and read for a couple of hours. An advantage about this is that while we discover new worlds through our books we also get some fresh air. We can basically read anywhere outside, sometimes we just sit in our gardens, or we’ll look for bench in the park or we even go to the nearest forest to read and have a little picnic.

On the road

One of the best places and times for us to concentrate on reading is while we’re on the road. We always carry a book with us, so every time we find ourselves on the train, the tube, the station, a bus or in a car we tend to read. It is the perfect way to pass the travel time which we often find quite long and dull, however, if we read the time goes by much quicker.



There are of course many more places where we love to read, but, these are our favourite three. These are the places where you can always find us with our noses stuck in some books.

Where do you enjoy reading the most?


Kiki~jane & Lily~Rose


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