Little bobs and pieces gathered over some time





Hello All!

We gathered some little bobs and pieces the last couple of weeks and we wanted to share them with you. So here’s is our rather random haul of all kinds of things with respect to lifestyle, fashion, books and music. 




“I believe in tea and books” pin badge, Waterstones

We love to add pins to our outfits, we think it looks very cute and when we saw this pin we just had to buy it, since we are firm believers of tea and books.

Sherlock Holmes pin badge, Sherlock Holmes museum London

Recently, we went to the Sherlock Holmes museum which was such a lovely museum. Sherlock Holmes has been our favourite detective for as long as we can remember and as memory of our visit we bought these adorable pins of the Sherlock Holmes logo.

Disposable camera, amazon

We absolutely love taking analogical pictures, that is why we ordered some disposable cameras on amazon to take pictures on special occasions and parties. We’ve already taken many pictures and cannot wait to let them develop.

Bullet Journal, The bullet journal store

Something that we are currently obsessed with is bullet journalling, We adore making lists and planners. But, in order to it properly we really wanted a good bullet journal, which we ordered on the official website.

Circle charm rings, &Other Stories

&Other stories is one of our favourite stores at the moment. Besides having great clothes, they also have really great jewellery and we bought these really cute ring which we’ve been wearing non-stop.

Amy Winehouse at the bbc, Camden market

Amy Winehouse is one of our favourite singers of all time and when we were at Camden market, we came across a record shop where we bought this record which has our favourite songs on it.

Furry Llama cushion, Urban Outfitters

This cushion is so adorable and we are so happy that we bought it. It is a really cute as an extra decoration in our rooms.

BDG mini corduroy backpack, Urban Outfitters

We absolutely love this backpack, It is small, convenient and perfect for going away for a day and you do not want to bring a backpack that is really big. We’ve been carrying this one around basically everywhere.

Dragon’s egg bath bomb, Lush

It is no secret that we adore the products of lush and this bath bomb is our current favourite. It makes your bath water looks amazing and it makes your skin really soft. We love to use this bath bomb if we need to rewind for a moment.



These were our little things we’ve bought the last couple of weeks. We are really happy with them and their new little role in our lives.

What is something you bought lately? 


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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