How to style the faux fur coat




Hello fashion-lovers!

We think that the faux fur coats are a great trend and we absolutely love wearing them. There are so many options to style them and we enjoy pairing them with other clothing items. Here are our favourite ways to style the faux fur coat.




You can easily style the faux fur coat by wearing some jeans, a simple t-shirt and some trainers. This is a more comfortable outfit, but with the faux fur coat, you turn something casual and cozy into something fashionable as well.


We adore bright outfits and what better way to make your outfit colourful with a bright-coloured faux fur coat. Now, you can pare this with a more neutral-coloured outfit, such as fully black or white outfit, to even out the brightness of your coat, or if you want to be really bold, you can wear a complete colourful outfit. You can choose all sorts of clothing items in the same bright colour, or mix and match different bright colours together.  Wear your bright outfit with pride and you’ll be the sunshine of the day.


Probably one of our most worn style is the classy and chic. We like to wear a dress with some heels and a faux fur coat to go for a fashionable and classy outfit. We also like to pair the faux fur coat with an A-line skirt, a turtle neck, some heels, and even some sunglasses for a kind of glamorous feeling.



These were the ways we like to style the faux fur coats the most. We hope you liked them.

How do you style the faux fur coat?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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