TeaChats ep. 1


We learn from failure,
not from succes.




Hello people!

Everyday we discover new things, things that aren’t necessarily new to other people, but, they are new to us. Things, such as, how beautiful a word can be or how much energy the sun can give us. They are often silly little things, nevertheless very significant for our lives. We do like to talk about these subjects, hence why we came up with this new concept called TeaChats. During TeaChats we will write, whilst sipping tea, about certain topics that we find interesting, or that we recently discovered, anyway topics we feel like writing about. 



Something we discovered lately was the importance of failing (every once in a while). Now it might sound a bit odd, but hear us out. You see, we often feel that failure is the worst thing in the whole wide world, we hate it when we fail, and we tend to feel like were failing quite quickly, and in many aspects of our lives such as in school, at work etc.  However, lately we realised that failing is not as bad as it might seem or perhaps as it feels. Failure can actually be very informative, that is, it can actually teach you something about yourself and you can learn something from the experience of failing.  For example, if you fail at something you can, in our opinion, think in two ways. You can either see it as something terrible and create a bundle of negative thoughts, which include thinking that you cannot do anything. Now, this was usually how we felt about it. But, you can also see it a bit more positive. Yes, you might have failed, however, that does not mean that you cannot succeed. Perhaps the failing can help you improve yourself, in order for you to succeed the next time.

Thus, Failing can help you reflect on your life, it can show you whether you are on the right path or not. And we think that the strength of failing is that you mustn’t let it get you down, since failing is a part of life and life is basically a path of trial and error.

Another thing that makes us feel as if we have failed, is when we can’t do something on our own, when we have to ask help from others. We, personally,  are massive fans of doing things on our own and not needing the help of others, we just feel much more satisfied when we’ve accomplished something on our own. However, this is not a particular good thing to be a fan of. Humans simply cannot do everything on their own.  We need other people to help us in order to succeed in some situations.



So we are learning to look a bit more positive on the concept of ‘failing’. Not that we suddenly have a desperate desire to fail in everything that we do. However, if we do fail at something or if something does not work out the we want it to,  we try to look at the bright side of it. Can we learn something from it? Will we try again? Or have we found out that it won’t work and we”ll just have to move on? Also, we are trying to bring and accept the help of others much more in our lives.

How do you feel about failing?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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