Our shoe essentials


“Good shoes take you good places”


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Hello Loves!

We love fashion, we adore the creative aspect of it and we like to express ourselves via our clothes. Something we think is an extremely important element in our outfits, are shoes. The right shoes can make your outfit and the wrong ones can break it. Here is a list of shoes that we consider as essentials.




We absolutely adore heels, they are perfect when you want to look taller and they usually go with every kind of outfit (depending on the type of heels of course. 😉 ) Here are 2 styles that we have as essentials in our closets.

Block Heels

In our opinion, you can never go wrong with a good pair of block heels. Since the heel is blocked, they are much more easy to walk in and they give you’re outfit an edgier look. You can go for boots with block heels for a more “biker-look-kind-of-thing” or sandals with a block heel matched with a summery dress for a “lovely-girly-summery-look.”

Sling Back Heels

These type of heels are definitely an essential to us. They are very classy and usually not that high, so perfect for a day of running errands whilst still wanting to wear a little bit of a heel.



Everyone should have a great pair of boots in their wardrobe, they are very comfortable and usually last for ages. Here are the two types that we consider as essentials:

Cowboy Boots

These are on trend at the moment and we absolutely love it. They obviously give a western vibe, which we think looks really cool. They are also very easy to style, because they basically go with everything. Our favourite way to style them is with a midi-length summer dress, to give that girly look a bit more edge.

Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens are probably are favourite kind of shoes. They are definitely an essential, we wear them all time and can combine with everything. We wear them with skirts, dresses, jeans, trousers etc. And we wear them all year long.




Trainers are probably one of the most comfortable shoes you will find. They are easy yet fashionable to create outfits with, here are the kind of trainers that we love:

White Trainers

White trainers are perfect for nearly every outfit, they go with everything, are comfortable and are always stylish. They are an easy and good choice for the days that you are not entirely sure what kind of shoes you want to wear.

Platform Trainers

We love platform trainers to give us that little bit of extra height. They make your legs look longer and you don’t have to wear heels to appear taller. Plus, they give a little bit of a funky look, which we like. 🙂



These are the shoes that you will find most definitely in our closets. We find these ideal to create outfits with and wear them all the time.

What are your shoe essentials?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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