A Sunday morning routine


Each morning we are born again, what we do today matters most.


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Hello Loves!

We adore mornings, we love the idea of having a fresh start every day. However, week day mornings can be a bit hasty for us. That is why we like to have at least one morning free every week to enjoy it as much as we can. This morning almost always falls on Sunday and we have found ourselves creating a routine for it. Thus, here is our Sunday morning routine:



7-8 AM: Rise and Shine!

We are terrible late risers so, even on days when we can sleep in, we still wake up around 7 or 8 am. We kind of like this though, since we still got a whole day ahead of us and we do love mornings. Once we feel like we have (properly) woken up, we grab our books from our nightstands and continue reading where we’ve stopped the night before.


8.30 AM: Time to get some coffee in the system

After we’ve read for 30-60 minutes, we go downstairs to make some coffee and prepare ourselves some breakfast. During this time, we like to put on some music and have a little dance party by ourselves.


9 AM: Breakfast in bed

When our breakfast and coffees are ready, we go upstairs again to go back into our beds, so that we can have a chill breakfast in bed. Our breakfast often consists out of oatmeal with almond milk and some fruit. But, there are Sundays were we make pancakes or enjoy some croissants.


10 AM: Self-care time

Self-care is extremely important and something we like to take our time for. Practicing  self-care varies for us. Sometimes we meditate, other times we take a long walk and on Sundays we usually like to take a hot bath. Thus, after we have finished our breakfast, we go to the bathroom and prepare our baths. Whilst the water is running we like to do some light yoga exercises to wake up our bodies. Once we’re done with that, we re-enter the bathroom, wash our faces and put a face mask on. (We absolutely adore the Brazened honey face mask from Lush!) Then, we take a book, go into the bath and spend +/- 1 hour in the bath reading and relaxing.


11.30 AM: Let’s get some fresh air

All freshened up, we put on some comfy clothes and shoes and go outside to get some fresh air. Most of the time we go to a forest near by, to have a nice long walk to take our minds of things. When we get back from our walk, our morning is over and we are completely ready to see what the rest of the day will bring.



This is our Sunday morning routine. We always feel re-energized after this morning and are ready to brave the upcoming week.

What is something you do every morning?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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