Summertime playlist


Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.
Louis Armstrong


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Hello loves!

One of our favourite activities to do is listening to music. We love playing records on our record players and have little carefree dance parties. Every season has a different mood and different songs we feel that go with it. Here is a list of our favourite songs to listen to during Summer time: Continue reading


Our most played records


Dear Music, Thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart and lifting my spirits.
~Lori Deschene




Hello music-lovers!

We love playing & listening to music, and one of our favourite ways to listen to music is to play vinyls on our record players. We find that this is a much better way to listen to your favourite tunes rather than listening to it on Spotify or Itunes. Here is a list of our most played records. Continue reading


The art of vinyl


My roots are in my record player.
~ Evan Parker




Goodday Dears!

As you might know we love the vintage years and everything that includes that. We love purchasing vintage things and you can often find us in secondhand-, thrift- or vintage stores. One thing we also love about the old days is that people used to listen to there music on record-players. We think this is a very cool way to listen to music and here is why. Continue reading

christmas, music

Christmas playlist

It’s never too early for christmas music.


Hello Loves!

It’s December! and that means Christmas is almost here!!! Now we absolutely love Christmas and we usually listen to christmas songs very early. But since it is december now the only thing that’s on our playlist is christmas music ♥. Continue reading


Artist: Aurora Aksnes


Hi Guys!

One artist I recently discovered is AURORA. A friend of mine told me about her a while ago. He said that she had a beautiful voice and almost magical songs. Continue reading