Why reading is good for you

We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves in there too


Hello Bookwurms!

Since we are both massive book-lovers, we tend to read a lot. I finish at least one book every week and cannot get enough of reading. It such a lovely way to take some time for yourself and to dissapear from this world. Continue reading


DIY: ART diary

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Hello creatives!

We like to spend our time as much as we can doing creative things. Even if we don’t really have the time for it, we try to combine creativity with the little things we do. That’s how we started creating our own ART diaries. Continue reading


The perfect MAC lipstick colour for your zodiac sign

Your perfect shade lipstick is written in the stars…

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30 ways to stay creative


We both love to do creative things. However sometimes it is hard to stay creative, because you are stressed or have it to busy with other non-creative things. If you recognise that you might start losing your creativity, here are some tips to prevent that from happening:

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