Happy pre-Autumn

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in fall.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald




Hello pumpkins!

It is September!!! Which means in meteorological ways Autumn has officially started.  However, we like to see it more as the pre-Autumn. We are so, so excited that are most favourite season of all is returning! Continue reading

christmas, music

Christmas playlist

It’s never too early for christmas music.


Hello Loves!

It’s December! and that means Christmas is almost here!!! Now we absolutely love Christmas and we usually listen to christmas songs very early. But since it is december now the only thing that’s on our playlist is christmas music ♥. Continue reading


It’s december!

Make it a December to remember.



Hello people!

December is here!! That means Christmas is coming nearer and nearer and we cannot wait. This month we’ll post a lot of articles related to things we love about this Holiday. One thing we like to do during this jolly time, is to capture some memories. Continue reading