Mallorca 2016


Hi dears!

We’re back from our trip to Mallorca and we’ve had so much fun! To be honest we did come across some bad luck, but we turned those situations into something good. The week flew by and we were sad to go home again. However, we were able to relax and to do some really great things.

One thing we visit was La Granja. This is an old mansion surrounded by nature. You can walk through the mansion and the gardens which is an incredible sight.

We also went to Palma de Mallorca which is the capital of the island. Palma has a beautiful historic centre and many places where you can shop. Of course we shopped a lot, mainly in pull and bear and zara, but also in some small local shops.

Furthermore we went to a little village in the mountains called Valldemossa. This is a beautiful village where chopin has lived.  Here you can visit chopin’s house and walk through the village which is lovely to see, there are also a lot of little shops and restaurants.

We did much more and filmed a lot which we’ll edit into a little film and we’ll upload it when it’s finished.

How is your summer so far?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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