If we would go on a trip around the world


(n.) A strong desire or urge to travel or wander and explore the world.




Hello Explorers!

We often like to dream about our future and what we would like to do in our lives. Now, mostly the things we dream about tend to be a bit unrealistic. However, one thing we both really want to do, which is in fact manageable, is traveling around the world. We would love to take a long journey, exploring different countries we’ve never been before. Since we have quite an idea of what kind of journey we’d like to have, we wanted to share it with you.




The places we would explore:
We would love to explore the United States, South-Africa, Indonesia and some Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Iceland & Denmark.
We would love to explore these places because they’re very different from each other, which means they have different cultures and we can learn a lot of different things. Of course, we cannot visit every city or every country in these areas. That’s why we will restrict our list to places we are dying to explore.

What we would want to learn:
The time you spend traveling, is the time to learn a lot as well. Not only about the different cultures of the countries you explore. However, it is also a time where you learn about yourself. That is something you cannot really predict, but we do think that if we do go on this trip, we will learn a lot about ourselves. Furthermore, we would love to learn a new language, like Spanish. And what better time is it to learn that while traveling through a Spanish country.

What we would bring:
A trip like this will require a lot of different kinds of clothes and other equipments. First of all we would bring a really good backpack, in which we can put all of our things. A backpack is perfect to travel with, since you won’t have to carry too much things and you are obliged to pack light.  Then, we will bring clothing for every kind of weather, some good books, travel guides & notebooks to write about are experiences. Another object that is definitely a must to bring with us, is a good camera. Imagine what kind of wonderful pictures you can take on such a trip. And of course we will bring a mind filled with wanderlust.




These are the key elements that we have in mind for our trip, right now. However as everything in life, it probably will change. That’s why we will not stop fantasizing about this trip. And who knows, maybe we will go on this trip one day.

What would your trip around the world look like?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose




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