Why reading is good for you

We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves in there too


Hello Bookwurms!

Since we are both massive book-lovers, we tend to read a lot. I finish at least one book every week and cannot get enough of reading. It such a lovely way to take some time for yourself and to dissapear from this world. Even though we love reading so much, we do know that there are people who aren’t that keen on books. We think it’s a shame that there are people who don’t read anything at all. That is why we searched up some things to prove why reading is good for you. To show the people who do not like books that there are profits on reading and to tell the people who do love reading why what they are doing is good.

 1. It improves your focus and concentration. In order to read, you have to focus yourself. If you read regularly, it’ll help you to focus more for other things you have to do, such as at school or at work.

2. It increases your knowledge. Books hold so much information, every time you read a book, you keep that information with you. This way you grow more knowledge and you know what they say ‘knowledge is power’.

3. It expands your vocabulary. When you read, you might come across some words you aren’t familiar with. However, while reading it in a certain sentence you might learn the meaning of the word. Reading also helps to expand your vocabulary of foreign languages.

4. It improves your memory. During reading, you have to remember all the characters, their backgrounds, places and much more in the books.  Because you have to remember all these things, you’re basically training your memory.

5. It improves your writing skills. If you read well-written works, you get used to certain writing styles and the way texts are coherent. All these things can improve your writing.

6. It reduces stress. Reading helps you to sit down, take a moment for yourself and discover new worlds. You have to forget everything around you for just one moment. And in that one little moment there is no stress.

7. It improves your imagination. Books challenge you to think deeper, create your own worlds and to think of the impossible as possible. Not knowing what the characters or places  look like, but only having a description will make you create new persons and worlds. Which takes more effort than already having the image in front of you on TV.


All with all, reading is not only fun, but also healthy.

Why do you read?


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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