Hello Summer!

Summer’s here!

Summer is back again and that means that the warm days are finally coming. Even though it is not our favourite season of the year, we do love summer. Especially because we have a holiday of two months. Summer is for us a time of freedom, no school, no worries. Just care free days full of doing fun things. Also both of our birthdays are in the summer. So that’s something to look forward too, as well.

We have already planned many things for this summer. Such as festivals, sleepovers and more fun trips. However one thing is definitely the one we look most forward to. Which is….. our trip to MALLORCA! We are so excited to go there, it is our first trip without family to a different country. Which is might be a bit scary but overall very exciting. We’ll keep you posted about mallorca and all the other things we’ll experience this summer.

Please tell us about your plans for this summer!


Kiki~Jane & Lily~Rose


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